Any work on a component that is diagnosed as containing asbestos must be assigned to a company specialised in removing asbestos (link to list of approved companies). It will generally implement a working area that is entirely confined in order to avoid releasing any asbestos fibres into the air.


If you are a building professional that has been trained and informed, you can work on undamaged asbestos cement containing asbestos on the condition that you do not damage the slabs.


To dispose of asbestos cement, you must cover the slabs during transportation and send them to a controlled landfill for inert materials.


To find out about the conditions and precautions to be taken when working with materials containing asbestos see:

If in doubt, consult the Service de toxicologie de l’environnement bâti de l’Etat de Genève (Built Environment Toxicology Department for the State of Geneva)