Sealant of expansion joint containing more than 50 mg of PCB per kg: you may remove them with care (using a knife or oscillating blade), without creating dust and without heating. You must wear adequate protection: rubber gloves and dust mask. You must remove as much as possible (more than 98%) particularly to reduce the risk of contaminating the new seal.


Electrical capacitors: you may remove them without damaging them but you must separate them from the scrap metal so that they can be disposed of as special waste.


Transformers weighing more than 1 kg: check that the oil has been replaced by a PCB-free oil. If this is not the case, contact a specialised company. Ordinarily, transformers weighing more than 1 kg were made safe before 1998, but if you find one you must immediately inform the site supervisor.

To find out about the conditions and precautions to be taken when working with materials containing PCB, see:

If in doubt, consult the Service de toxicologie de l’environnement bâti de l’Etat de Genève (Built Environment Toxicology Department for the State of Geneva).